EQL Exhibits Smart Home Robot, Smart Beauty and New IoT Products at CES 2018

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EQL Technology Inc., a leading innovator and provider of Smart Living solutions, is going to showcase the whole series IoT product line in CES 2018. EQL will introduce the world's first products- smart robot “Qubi” and “Eye Mask” from Essence smart beauty series. In the meantime, Ripple smart home product line will publish the cross-platform voice control supporting Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Qubi – The Powerful Smart Home Robot

Qubi is more than a robot. Equipped the robot torso and detachable vacuum cleaner, Qubi gives you the option of using it as a smart home robot or as a cleaner. You can enjoy the services offered by EQL home automation solution anytime and anywhere with the mobile app or via voice control. Qubi can be always connected to network to achieve ubiquitous computing which allows Qubi to be a powerful home assistant and the security guard whether you are home or not. Qubi is born to make you enjoy your smart life more!

Cleaning - Robot vacuum, built-in SLAM technology, supporting designated area cleaning and multi-robot collaboration

Integrated with Ripple smart home automation solution

Home security - Guard your house and provide on-time notification

Health care - Daily notification to remind users to measure blood pressure

Social robot - face and speaker recognition, messaging, companion and dialogue, status and feedbacks

EYE Mask – Resolve Eye Skincare Problem and Irritation at once

EYE Mask, the world's first eye mask combining the function of warm compress and radiance, will resolve your eye skincare problems and irritation anywhere and anytime with below features.

Radiance - Smooth eye area skin

Warm compress - Eye strain relief

Safe and convenient - Auto power off after 15 mins

Easy to use - Plug & use

Comfortable - Flexible head strap

Such all-in-one and hands-free design brings convenience, mobility and comfort to you eye care.

Ripple Series – Your Personal Smart Home Butler

Ripple Control, the central hub of EQL smart home products, allows you to manage and secure your home remotely via WiFi, Blue Low Energy (BLE) and Infrared (IR) technology. It provides a complete smart home ecosystem by connecting both new edge devices and turning the legacy home appliances to smart appliances. Ripple supports cross-platform App and voice command - Amazon Alexa. And now EQL Technology has submitted the Google Assistant certification, you will have options to manage your home via Google Home or Amazon Echo. So it's more than easy to improve your comfort by asking or remotely controlling through the Ripple Control App. Ripple Control helps you to manage your appliance, take care your family and secure your home in a smarter way.

IoT is no longer a cold and hard technical term. By means of allocating this exhilarating technology to a variety of product lines, we expect IoT to be applied to every part of our daily life extensively. EQL is dedicated to make every detail to the best. Welcome to visit us and join us to explore the smart life at CES 2018.

About EQL Technology

Founded in 2016, EQL is a leading innovator and provider of smart living solutions. EQL promises - Enjoy Quality Life. We aspire to bring all-inclusive offerings of leading edge products featured with handy operation, sturdy build, and convincing reliability. We strive to re-define what a smart home appliance can achieve.

Evolving from a giant corporate, EQL is a team with the most experienced R&D in the industry. Our managers and engineers have more than twenty years' experience working with tier 1 customers including Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, HP, Dell, and Lenovo. They have developed different products from smartphone, laptop PC, smart watch, POS, PND, smart home and many other products.

Our contract manufacturer Quanta Computer is one of the world's largest EMS company with USD$29 billion revenue in 2016 and thirty-year experience in making world class products. Therefore, we can leverage the design and manufacturing power to realize new ideas, and we are ready to deliver our distinguished products and services. For more information, please visit http://www.eqltech.com.

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